Wetland Liners

Whether your wetland system needs to maintain a minimum water level or it presents a risk to groundwater quality, MPC fabricates and installs liners to meet the requirements of your system.  Depending on the quality of the waste water, seepage or drainage into groundwater or nearby water mass can present a hazard.  Wetland Liners provide a more cost effective and natural way to treat the wastewater or storm water in the wetland system before it enters the nearest water mass. 


Featured Installation: Bowen in Washington, Indiana

Using EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer) material, MPC installed the liner for the largest sanitary wetland ever constructed in the United States.  This was a pilot program for Combined Sewer Overflow Control projects nationwide, and was heavily monitored by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and other government agencies.  It was therefore critical that the installation of the liner be performed by very qualified and experienced personnel and that all documentation be held to the highest standards.


Wetland Liner   Wetland Liner