Waterproofing Covers

Waterproofing can mean more than laying a tarp over a leaky roof.  MPC Containment has worked on projects where aging structures—especially concrete ones—require significant repair prior to covering in order to avoid new leaks.


Featured Installation: Military Ammunition Bunkers

After years of exposure to the elements, several earth-covered concrete ammunition bunkers were sorely in need of replacement or repair. Leaks were putting the ammunition they contained in jeopardy. MPC technicians repaired damage to the concrete and the berms and then installed fitted PetroGard™ VI covers.  PetroGard™ VI was selected based on its ability to provide long term protection from water, UV deterioration, and from animals, and debris.


Waterproofing Cover   Waterproofing Cover  

Featured Installation: O’Hare International Airport in Chicago, Illinois

O’Hare International Airport has tunnels under the tramways, where shuttle cars transport baggage to and from passenger terminals.  When cracked concrete walls allowed water in, American Airlines employed MPC to line the tunnels with PetroGard™ VI material.  This method allowed the repairs to be completed quickly, effectively, and much more economically than if major concrete work had been chosen.


Waterproofing Cover