Water Reservoir

Service reservoirs are used to store treated potable water.  Reservoirs are located in strategic points in order to transfer potable water to distribution tanks or pipelining to other reservoirs downstream.  Service reservoirs perform several functions including ensuring sufficient head of water in the water distribution system and providing hydraulic capacity in the system to even out peak demand from consumers enabling the treatment plant to run at optimum efficiency. Large service reservoirs can also be managed to so that energy costs in pumping are reduced by concentrating refilling activity at times of day when power costs are low.


MPC offers economic solutions to retrofit reservoirs that offer flexible roof, lining, and baffle designs that are a tenth of the cost to tanks and other concrete structures.  The ecomomic benefit has been evaulated on a 25 and 50 year time line.    


Featured Installation: Highland Water Reservoir in Rochester, New York

The Highland Reservoir Project is a water reservoir system designed to capture and hold potable water for the City of Rochester, New York.  The reservoir was lined with 60mil 5-ply CSPE Hypalon material which is beige on the top side and black on the bottom.  The liner was anchored using a battening system positioned on the outer concrete ring wall; all hardware used on this project is stainless steel.  MPC Containment fabricated and installed the liner and all hardware systems.


Water Reservoir Liner   Water Reservoir Liner  
 Water Reservoir Liner    Water Reservoir Liner  
Water Reservoir Liner   Water Reservoir Liner