Wastewater Plant Liners

Municipal wastewater plants treat raw wastewater in a series of steps, during which large volumes of liquids in various stages are slowed down by water tank baffles, or held, sometimes for weeks.  Some of these steps are intended to allow solids to settle – sometimes unaided, sometimes aided by treatment with bacteria while being exposed to circulating air (aeration).  Geomembrane waste lagoon liners and concrete holding tank liners are frequently installed to insure waste doesn’t seep into the ground and ultimately enter the water supply.  Cleaning out solids which have settled (sludge) can be hard in the liner, so it must be very abrasion, puncture and tear resistant.


Featured Installation: Brawley Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvement in Brawley, California

MPC Containment installed a 60mil HPDE liner system in four ponds with a 1.5 to 1 slope. These ponds are part of  a new wastewater treatment facility which will enable the City of Brawley to meet the current requirements issued by the State Water Resources Control Board. The new facility will provide a treatment plant process that can reduce ammonia nitrogen concentrations to less than 1.0 mg/l.  In addition, reclaimed wastewater will provide alternative sources of water for nearby agriculture and recreation.


Wastewater Plant Liner   Wastewater Plant Liner  
 Wastewater Plant Liner    Wastewater Plant Liner