Turbidity Curtains

MPC Containment offers three versions of our Deflector Series Turbidity Curtains to meet your specifications.  Below is the break down on how MPC can customize solutions for you.


Deflector Series Turbidity Curtains

Type I

For easy conditions such as low current streams and ponds, Deflector Type I is the most economical choice. Made from PVC + Geomembrane fabric, this barrier controls the spread of silt and sediment without constricting your budget.


Type II

This mid grade barrier is engineered to handle more intense  conditions. For lakes, rivers, intercoastal and tidal areas where current velocities reach up to five feet per second, Deflector Type II is the best option. Ask about custom fabrication.


Type III

Our heavy duty barrier option is made with 100% PVC fabric. Type III features larger freeboards, wider and thicker foam cores, and longer skirts to contain substances below the surface. Best for use in open ocean or swift currents.




(A) Top cable pocket welded into 22 oz PVC fabric

(B) Freeboard closed cell foam float in a welded pocket

(C) Skirt of tough vinyl coated polyester

(D) Welded chain pocket with a chain ballast weight

NOTE: The top and bottom tension members will hold the curtain together even if the fabric is damaged.

MPC Turbidity Curtain Diagram



turbidity curtain    turbidiy curtain 

Mooring and Anchor System Detail



Mooring Detail