MPC Tactical Pipeline Systems for Hydraulic Fracturing

The MPC Tactical Pipeline System was designed to meet the rapid deployment and retrieval requirements of the US Military. MPC Systems can cover miles of terrain, eliminating the need for water transfer trucks within the theater of operations. The line can be deployed at about 2 – 5 MPH, and retrieved at about 0.5 MPH. 


Our systems eliminate the need for water transport trucks, greatly reducing the associated costs and surface disruption to local roads. 


The MPC Tactical Pipeline System utilizes US Military Lay Flat Hose that is lightweight, with an inner tube, an intermediary reinforcement, and an outer cover. The hose meets a leak pressure rating of 225 PSI with a burst pressure rating of 500 PSI.  We also supply a hose with a leak pressure rating of 300 PSI. Systems also include Base Units (cradles that hold the Hose Reels and mount to a truck bed), Power Units (motors that turn the reel for deployment and retrieval), and Interconnection Kits. We can design a custom Hose Reel System for any work site, anywhere.


Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing


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