Storm Water Collection Liners

Storm Water Collection Basins are used to contain snowmelt or rainwater which has run-off streets, lawns, construction and industrial sites and picked up fertilizers, pesticides, oil or other pollutants, on the way to rivers, lakes and coastal waters.  Synthetic liners used for this type of containment must stand up to pollutants and natural elements as well as other physical and chemical operations used to remove or neutralize collected material.  Synthetic liners used when storm water is collected for other reasons must have different characteristics, such as suitability for contact with drinking water. 


People across the world rely on collected rainwater for drinking, cooking, and other uses.  In addition to fabricating and installing liners for rainwater, MPC designs and fabricates Water Bladders and Onion Tanks from FDA-approved material for water storage. 


Featured Installation: Kwajalein Airport in Kwajalein, RMI, Hawaii

Kwajalein, an island in the central Pacific 2000 miles west of Hawaii, relies on rainwater as the only source of freshwater for its military and civilian residents. Rainwater collected on the runways and taxiways of the Kwajalein Airport is captured.  The runways and taxiways had significant cracks and damage which was impacting the water collection.  MPC Technicians installed more than 2 million square feet of Reinforced Polypropylene on three damaged areas over a period of three years. The increase in water collection was so significant that the storage reservoirs now fill prior to the end of the rainy season.


Storm Water Collection Liner   Storm Water Collection Liner  


Featured Installation: City of Winchester in Virginia

MPC Containment furnished and installed a membrane liner for the 16,000 sq ft earthen storm water overflow basin of the City of Winchester Water Filtration Plant. The earthen basin, located in sandy soil, was designed to detain excess storm water long enough for any suspended material to settle before the water was discharged. MPC covered the 30 mil HDP sealed liner with excavated material and custom fitted seals for the inlet and outlet pipes, facilitating the ideal detention times and eliminating seepage into the sandy soil. 


Storm Water Collection Liner   Storm Water Collection Liner  
 Storm Water Collection Liner    Storm Water Collection Liner