Secondary Containment Liners

Certain types of facilities - aircraft deicing areas, landfills, dike areas around fuel storage tanks in airports and refineries – anticipate spills and have plans to contain them. Other facilities have plans that address spill cleanup measures only after a spill has occurred. The EPA’s SPCC (Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure) regulations require thousands of United States companies in the latter category to put in place plans that ensure containment and other countermeasures to prevent oil spills that could reach navigable waters.


MPC has designed, fabricated, and installed flexible membrane liners for over 30 years. Our engineers know what materials will protect against a given discharge and what fabrication and installation methods are needed for an SPCC plan to comply with SPCC rule 40cfr112 secondary containment system requirements.


MPC fabricates and installs Secondary Containment Liners using one of the following Geomembrane solutions:

  • PetroGard™ VI (MPC Exclusive)
  • PetroGard™ X (MPC Exclusive)
  • XR5
  • HDPE


Our sales and engineering team will recommend the right material for your application.


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