Rounded Corner Advantage of MPC Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing

MPC’s Patented Rounded Corner Technology sets MPC Tanks apart from the competition.


MPC’s Collapsible Storage Tanks are unique because they feature a patented design, optimized by finite element analysis, that includes rounded corners to redistribute shell stress uniformly throughout each tank. In other collapsible tanks, sharp corners create perpendicular stress in the seams of the side walls and at the ends and corners of the tanks. The greater curvature of the MPC flexible tank corners, on the other hand, creates tangential stress which the corners withstand consistently. This dramatically reduces the possibility of maintenance leaks and is far superior to competitive pillow tanks.  Our patented design also allows MPC tanks to withstand the pressure of a taller profile, making the footprint of an MPC Collapsible Storage Tank the smallest in the field per barrel. 


MPC Tanks are made of high quality military-grade materials. Our tanks have been field tested in extreme hot and cold environments such as Alaska, Tanzania, and Kandahar with excellent results.  Some MPC Tanks have been in consistent use for years without the need for any major repairs.


Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing


Each tank is thoroughly leak and stress tested inside and out by trained technicians.


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