Odor Control Covers

All municipal wastewater operations need help controlling odors. In wastewater treatment, raw wastewater is cleaned as it is pumped from one area to the next through sophisticated cleansing, aeration, disinfection, and clarification equipment spread over acres on land.  In some cases, methane gas (a treatment by-product), is captured under floating covers and used to power the treatment operation itself. With MPC, even small municipalities can afford cutting edge odor control technology.


Featured Installation: Village of New Lennox Wastewater Treatment Plant in Illinois

The Village of New Lennox wanted to upgrade their wastewater treatment plant which is located near the central business district.  Home and business owners were complaining about odors, but were unable to come up with significant financing. Finding aluminum covers too costly, the water district decided to employ MPC to cover their settlement/evaporation tanks with a tough, UV resistant PetroGard™ VI membrane. This allowed the Village to economically convert one of their wastewater tanks to a simple but effective anaerobic digestion system, relying on controlled microbial digestion in place of evaporation and mechanical cleaning.


Waste Plant Floating Cover   Waste Plant Floating Cover  
 Waste Plant Floating Cover    Waste Plant Floating Cover