Petrogard SeriesGeomembranes by MPC Containment: Perfect for all Environmental Applications

MPC Containment has over 30 years of experience in the design and fabrication of geomembrane materials.  In addition to design and fabrication, our experienced and highly skilled construction team is qualified to install Secondary and Primary Containment Liners, Floating Covers, and Baffle and Turbidity Curtains.  MPC also offers maintenance and repair support for your installation including regular inspections, cleaning, leak detection and repair, and sample extraction and evaluation.


MPC's Exclusive PetroGard™ Series

MPC Containment’s PetroGard™ series of products are the most durable and cost effective material for fuel containment in the industry.  Available by the roll or as the membrane of choice for fabricated solutions, PetroGard™ products are offered exclusively by MPC Containment. 

CSPE (Hypalon®)

CSPE (Hypalon®) is the geomembrane of choice for most applications due to its durability against UV exposure and harsh environmental conditions.  This reinforced flexible geomembrane has a long-standing history in the industry and is the most recognized name in water containment geomembranes. CSPE (Hypalon®) is specified for use in the fabrication of floating covers; specific grades of this material are also available for contact with drinking water.


Unsupported Polypropylene

Unsupported Polypropylene combines high flexibility with excellent weathering and cold properties providing you with a material that can handle the stress of the environment without cracking.  This material is most commonly used for water and waste water containment applications.  

Reinforced Polypropylene

Reinforced Polpropylene is a light-weight material reinforced with a polyester scrim and can be used to build large panels up to 25,000 square feet in a factory setting to install in the field.  Reinforced Polypropylene is designed for UV stability in exposed liner and floating cover applications, and it is flexible to form fit reservoirs, tanks, and lagoons. It even retains its flexibility in cold weather. 


High Density Polyethylene geomembranes are an economical solution for a variety of applications.  HDPE is a thicker geomembrane giving it a high puncture resistance.   This material also has high chemical resistance and weathering properties.