Equalization Pond Liners

In an Equalization Pond, floating solids are allowed to settle, sometimes for three months or more.  The remaining water can then be treated.  Because waste treatment processes work best with uniform conditions, this clearer water flows more smoothly in subsequent operations.  Equalization Ponds are frequently used as a step in cleaning up water from manufacturing operations, seafood processing tanks, and poultry feeding operations.


Featured Installation: Railroad Yard Equalization Pond

A pond to treat contaminated ground water in a busy railroad yard required an Equalization Liner.  To facilitate settlement, aluminum is added to the pond water.  The aluminum sticks to solid particles and the resulting (heavier) clumps sink more quickly than the individual particles would sink.  After the wastewater has been clarified and pumped for further cleaning, the remaining sludge is mechanically removed from the bottom of the pond.  MPC fabricated and installed a liner with XR-5 material as it is puncture, abrasion, and chemical resistant properties.


Featured Installation: Rifle Correctional Facility in Rifle, Colorado

The Rifle Correctional Facility in Colorado needed an Equalization Pond Liner for a pond that is empty half of the year.  Therefore, MPC installed valves in this high wind area to hold the liner in place and diffusers to shoot air and water into the pond to ensure the water is treated correctly.  This equalization pond maintains the water level while also containing the water to avoid losing it to seepage.


Primary Equalization Pond Liner   Primary Equalization Pond Liner  
 Primary Equalization Pond Liner
   Primary Equalization Pond Liner