Environmental Advantages of MPC Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing

MPC Fluid Management Systems address many of the environmental concerns associated with the oil and gas industry. Our unique systems exceed the capabilities of lined pits and above ground impoundments. 

  • No surface disruption is required in most cases
  • Fewer trucks for delivery and water transfer mean less road damage
  • MPC Tanks have a smaller environmental footprint than other systems
  • No risk of water contamination
  • No risk of wildlife endangerment
  • Leave behind no waste or pit liner
  • Avoid permit issues associated with open-air or in-ground systems
  • Leaks, although unlikely, can be immediately detected visibly and quickly repaired using simple, cost effective patching technology
  • Freeze management for MPC Tanks consumes less energy than other systems

Tanks for Hydraulic Fracturing


MPC Containment Systems also offer political advantages. Fewer trucks for shipping and water transfer, less road damage, no surface disruption, and low visibility from off-site make MPC the best choice in terms of community relations.


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