Dike Liners

Dike Liners, impermeable flexible membranes that cover the area around an above-ground tank or group of tanks, are secondary petroleum/fuel containment systems that prevent leaks from the tanks or their connecting pipes and valves from escaping into the soil.  The Geomembrane used here must be chosen based on its ability to withstand long-term contact with whatever the tank holds, from unrefined oil to jet fuel.  It must have excellent puncture resistance, resistance to UV degradation, and must hold up to thermal expansion and contraction.  When it’s necessary to rely on secondary containment, it becomes primary containment. 


Featured Installation: Port of Hakata in Kyushu, Japan

The Dike Liner in Port of Hakata, Kyushu, Japan represents an economical and effective installation that is an alternative to concrete as the secondary protection against tank leaks and spills.  This lightweight and easy to install geomembrane has UV properties which eliminate backfill costs and increase capacity, therefore lowering the required wall heights surrounding the primary tank.


Dike Liner   Dike Liner  
 Dike Liner    Dike Liner