Decorative Pond Liners

Decorative Pond Liners are to create bodies of water where Mother Nature did not provide one naturally.  Flexible membrane liners used for decorative ponds have one function – simply to keep the water in place.  


Featured Installation: The Illinois Department of Natural Resources

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources built a 190,000 Sq Ft office/education center.  An important design feature of the property was a natural-looking decorative pond that wrapped around much of the building.  Typically less durable and more economical liners can be applied to decorative ponds.  However this pond was unique in that the pond layout was complex, the liner had to be attached to the base of the building and the temperature range in the Mid-West is so broad with severe winters and hot summers, MPC recommended and installed a liner that was more durable, Hypalon.  


Decorative Pond Liner   Decorative Pond Liner  
 Decorative Pond Liner    Decorative Pond Liner