Cooling Pond Liners

Cooling ponds are shallow reservoirs with large surface areas used for removing heat from water.  The ponds allow for heated water from manufacturing facilities or utility plants to cool to the same temperature as nearby bodies of water so that the water may be discharged without causing harm to fish or plant life.  Alternatively the water can be cooled so that it may be recycled or treated further if it is contaminated. The Cooling Pond Liner must be UV treated, tear and puncture resistant and able to sustain high temperatures of water


Featured Installation: Brazos Electrical Power Co-Operative Inc. in Waco, Texas

Brazos Electrical Power Co-Operative Inc.’s power plant in Texas has a Cooling Pond to hold cooling water.  Cooling water condenses the steam that has been used to spin the turbine-generator back into the water. The condensed water is pumped back into the steam generator to become steam again, while the cooling water is sent to the Cooling Pond, allowed to cool, then re-used.  MPC produced a 300,000 Sq Ft liner with our exclusive PetroGard™ VI material.  PetroGard™ VI was selected largely due to the material’s ability to hold up to extreme temperatures over years.  De-icing fuel liners have extreme temperature requirements, but at lower temperature ranges.


Featured Installation: Cal Energy in Imperial Valley, California

MPC Containment provided this geothermal generating plant in Southern California's Imperial Valley, which produces electricity solely from naturally occurring steam with a custom Cooling Pond Liner. In this project, production wells tap into superheated water reservoirs thousands of feet beneath the Earth's surface to release tremendous pressure, caused by the hot water, which rushes to the surface. There, steam is separated and used to drive turbines to generate electricity. This pond is lined with a high temperature resistant geomembrane and holds the hot sludge produced when drilling to reach the underground water reservoirs.


Cooling Pond Liner
  Cooling Pond Liner