API 650 Tank Leak Detection Liner Systems

API 650 above ground petroleum storage tanks can corrode and leak over time. American Petroleum Institute inspection standard API 653 is applied in detecting leaks early so repairs can be made and prevent spills from escaping the protected tank area.  One recommended safeguard is installation of a leak detection system under the steel tank floor.  Such systems are effective in identifying small, continuous tank floor leaks, which may go unobserved by above ground detection systems.  Installation of a liner under the tank is recommended as a risk reduction tool, in new tanks as well as in old ones that are being repaired and brought up to new tank standards.


Featured Installation: Tate Metalworks in North Carolina

As part of a new tank construction, MPC fabricated and attached a PetroGard™ VI flexible membrane tank bottom inside the concrete ring wall, then installs cathodic protection as required.  Repairing an existing tank involves laying a flexible membrane liner over the steel floor, attaching it with carbon steel anchorage hardware to studs which have been welded to the tank wall.  After covering the API650 tank bottom with sand and installing cathodic protection, a new steel floor is welded in place.


API 650 Tank Leak Detection Liner System