Anaerobic Digester

The bacteria used in the anaerobic digestion of organic waste can exist only in an oxygen-free environment, and they work faster at elevated temperatures. MPC’s floating covers keep the bacteria’s temperature stable, and eliminate odor by containing the methane that the bacteria expel. The methane can then be burned off, used as power for the facility, or sold to utility companies for added profit. MPC designs, fabricates, and installs floating covers for farms, food processing plants, paper mills, and other facilities that produce organic waste worldwide.


Featured Installation: Dodge City Wastewater Treatment Plant in Kansas

Dodge City has two major packing plants, each of whom slaughter 36,000 head of cattle per week. The city waste water treatment plant was built to handle waste from one of the plants in addition to the city industrial waste. The industrial waste is treated aerobically (uncovered, in the presence of oxygen) in one facility, while the waste from the packing plant is processed in three anaerobic lagoons, two 338,000sq/ft, one 365,000sq/ft. MPC replaced the 15-year-old floating covers on these with puncture and UV resistant, dimensionally stable XR-5® material.


Featured Installation: Methane Basin Cover in Juana Diaz, Puerto Rico



Anaerobic Digester   Anaerobic Digester  
 Anaerobic Digester    Anaerobic Digester