Our History

MPC Containment Systems LLC was formed in 1979 in an effort to expand the business of M. Putterman & Co. LLC into environmental linings. M. Putterman & Company LLC began in 1920 and today is an industry leader in the design and supply of recreational products such as gym floor covers, athletic and industrial windscreens, indoor divider curtains, indoor and outdoor padding, and athletic field covers. Putterman's athletic field covers are in use by many National Football League and Major League Baseball teams.

In the early 1980's, MPC worked in a joint effort with DuPont and several major oil companies to provide a cost-effective solution to the growing need for secondary containment of underground fuel storage systems. The PetroGard™ family of flexible membrane liners has evolved from this into a collection of the best and most cost effective materials for fuel containment applications.

MPC has applied its in-house design capabilities to the development of secondary containment systems for large aboveground storage tanks. Our liners are designed to retrofit into double bottom tanks to flexible lining systems for the dike liner and large diameter piping, MPC has created a comprehensive system approach to containment of API 650 aboveground tanks.

Since its inception, MPC Containment has endeavored to provide simple solutions to often complex problems. Our abilities to design primary and secondary containment systems to minimize field assembly and to find or develop materials to provide excellent strength, flexibility, and compatibility have set MPC apart in the market. Innovative solutions like the Interlock® Zipper Zystem have been used to make field assembly of components faster and more reliable.

By engineering systems to minimize or eliminate welding of the liner in the field, MPC has increased the reliability of the containment system and lessened the skill and training requirements for the installer. All of this adds up to reduced cost over the life of the installation.

Over the years, MPC has expanded our engineering capabilities to include computer assisted design, mechanical and civil engineering support, project management services, field supervision and quality assurance/quality control support. Our experience in applying state-of-the-art FML technology to containment applications is now available to you.