A Letter from Our President and CEO


Benjamin Beiler- Chief Executive Officer/President, MPC Group LLC

Valued Customers, Suppliers, and Employees:


As we launch our new website for our twin companies, MPC Containment Systems LLC and MPC Containment International LLC, we are proud that MPC continues to be the industry leader in both flexible storage and environmental containment. This is a standing we have held for over thirty years! I hope you take a careful look at our website, so you can see that we have a very large offering of products and services which we provide to a global market.


Both our companies are supported by a highly professional team of managers, engineers, sales personnel, factory workers at five plants, and field technical assistants installing our products where necessary, comprising altogether a workforce of approximately 150 men and women. We are also supported with proven suppliers, in many instances having relationships spanning decades. These relationships enable us to design and select materials appropriate to the application we are asked to provide a solution for. Each solution we provide is unique to the circumstances and needs of our customer.  We either design the solution for the customer, or execute the customer’s solution design or required specifications. Frequently, we also engage in research and development efforts, both to develop new MPC product offerings and to assist customers in developing products of their own. These include manufacturing prototypes using industrial fabric and ancillary materials. Materials used in our varying applications include Petrogard™ X, Hypalon, Polypropeline, Polyurethane, XR-5, PVC, HDPE, LLDPE, EPDM, and MPC’s exclusive Petrogard™ VI.


MPC Containment Systems has manufactured over 12,000 flexible storage tanks for fuel, water, and other liquids, ranging in size from 500 gallons to 210,000 gallons. It is without doubt the largest company in the world to do so. They are of the highest possible quality, manufactured in ISO 9001:2008 factories, yet reasonably priced. Each tank style has passed very rigorous “first article testing” of both the United States Army and the United States Air Force which prove their capability to perform at the highest level in the most demanding operational environments. This explains why we have won two consecutive five year contracts from the United States Army, a sole source five year contract from the United States Air Force, and have supplied many tanks to NATO, the Government of Poland, Israel, the UAE, other governmental entities, and many commercial customers throughout the world.


MPC Containment International manufactures and installs a wide variety of environmental containment solutions for water, fuel, and other liquids. This company offers a variety of flexible membrane liners for primary and secondary containment, including reservoirs, retention and decorative ponds, tanks, canals, and containment dikes; floating covers for water reservoirs, biogas containment systems, and agricultural lagoons; baffle curtains; turbidity curtains; oil booms exceeding USCG, ASTM and BP specifications; and many other products utilizing industrial fabrics. In addition to manufacturing these products, we also install them throughout the United States, North and South America, and other countries. Ongoing maintenance, training, cleaning, and repair services for MPC installed products are also provided.


We have evolved as our customers’ needs have evolved. As we continue with this evolution, we look to expand our product lines to best serve our customers not only through new product development efforts but also through strategic partnerships. 


We remain grateful to those of you who are our customers for your business and our sales and customer service team is ready to serve you.  We also highly value our supplier relationships, which enable us to offer our customers the broadest and most cost-efficient solutions.


Please know that I am available to you as well, eager to hear your suggestions and comments, and willing to assist you in any issue which relates either to our relationship or your business.  Please contact me directly anytime. 






Benjamin Beiler
Chief Executive Officer/President
MPC Containment